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Acharya Mahashraman Ji : A great Saint

Acharya Mahashraman Ji 

He is the 11th head of Jain Shwetamber Terapanth community. He is a great saint. His self-discipline is awesome. He practices both physical and emotional discipline very vigorously. His politeness is very ideal. His simplicity is wonderful. An amazing personality he is!

Acharya Ji is very compassionate. He has a pure, unblemished character. He practices ethics in his life. He is a scholar, philosopher, saint and a seer. He teaches when he speaks and also when he doesn't.

He has an unbiased vision. He doesn't support any specific political party. But he preaches ethics of politics to all. He doesn't hate any religious order but he preaches the ethics of religion to all. He is not a businessman but he preaches the ethics of business to all. He is not a householder but he preaches the ethics of society and family to all.

Written by : Shri Munish Jain. (Upasak)

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