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Mangal Bhawna for the current Ahimsa Yatra

Jain Karyavahini holds regular classes on every Thursday at Mahasabha Bhawan wherein Karyavahak’s congregate and observe Samayik regularly. This week’s class was held on Thursday, 13th November 2014 at Mahasabha Bhawan which was attended by 52 Karyawahaks. The principal speaker was Sri Sushil Bafana who happens to be an Upasak also. Sri Bafana explained finer points of Ahimsa Yatra undertaken in the past citing some important instances. He also narrated important occasion during on foot journey by Acharyashri Tulsi and his meeting with eminent scholars and personalities in course of journey. He also expressed his Mangal Bhawna for the current Ahimsa Yatra undertaken by H.H. Acharyashri Mahashramanji from 9th November 2014. Sri Bafana also informed the members present that “Gurudev has declared that birth centenary year of Acharyashri Mahapragyaji which shall be celebrated from Ashadh Krishna 13 Samvat 2076 to Ashadh Krishna 13 Samvat 2077. The places of celebration shall be decided later. Lay followers from all over India especially Southern India, Tamkor (The birth place of Acharyashri Mahapragyaji), Delhi and Sardarshahar etc. have expressed their strong willingness to celebrate the auspicious occasion. The meaning of celebrating the Birth Centenary of Acharyashri Mahapragya is in true sense the practice of tranquillity (Upsham), to practice to conquer Ego & Pride, to practice to uncover the path of knowledge. The celebration shall also include preaching and practice of Preksha Meditation, Science of Living etc. invented by Acharyashri Mahapragyaji. Acharya Mahapragyaji was a great scholar having created hundreds of Literary works. His main work of Editing the Agamas which has contributed a lot to the Jain Community at large.”

The class ended with recital of Mangal Path and the regular Karyawahini vow and attendance.

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