Abhinav Samayik in Hyderabad

On the occassion of 4th Anniversary of ABTYP Jain Terapanth News, TYP HYDERABAD had organized 'ABHINAV SAAMAYIK' Today, the 31st Oct  2014 in the omniscient presence of Saadhvi sri SANGEETSRI ji thana 4  at HIMAYAT NAGAR Terapanth Bhavan from 9:15 to 10:30 Am.
Program was started by chanting of Namaskaar mahamantra followed by Tripadi vandana, chanting of 'A.Si.Aa.U.Sa' , logassa paath, Preksha meditation, Parmeshthi vandana.
Saadhvi sri Shanti prabha ji provided the instructions for the Abhinav Saamayik. Saadhvi sri Sangeet sri ji addressed the disciples and benefitted them with the knowledge of karmas  and virtue of Anasakti giving example of Bharat Chakravarti .
JTÑ representative Priyadarshini Jain provided info about A.B.T.Y.P. JTÑ and gave thanking speech. Mr. Nortan mal ji Achha from Chennai also addressed the audience n praised Hyderabad citizens for their dedication & the quality of services they are providing to the Sangha.


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