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Acharya Mahashraman Pravachan : Proper vision is of prime importance

Elderly persons bowing to H.H. Acharya Shri Mahashraman During Ahimsa Yatra

H.H. Acharya shree Mahashraman arrived at Shastri Deepan Chaudhary High School. H.H. sermonized that one who is not free from karmas cannot attain salvation. One who does not have good character cannot get free from karmas. In absence of proper knowledge (Samyak Gyan) one cannot practice demeanor, and in absence of proper vision (Samyak Darshan) one cannot get proper knowledge. Precision has importance. The exact knowledge of an object is proper knowledge or due knowledge. And accurate vision is proper vision or comprehensive belief. Vision has several meanings viz., seeing, showing, eyes, principles, general knowledge, faith, belief etc. We cannot practice good conduct without due belief. Hence, Proper vision is of prime importance.

We have several castes and communities in this world. They held significance, but truth and honesty have utmost importance. By Ahinsa Yatra we are trying to spread awareness regarding Honesty among each and everyone. It has 3 facets:- Harmony, Honesty and Addiction liberalization.

H.H. discoursed that despite of different castes, creeds, cultures, communities, religions, languages, clothing etc. people should live in peace and harmony. They should not fight with one another. Truth never gets defeated. Problems might come but victory will always be of Truth only.
Mr. Rajendra Singh Yadav, former M.L.A. and manager of the high school warmly welcomed H.H. and said that till date several actors and ministers have said but noone paid any heed. But it seems that the impact of pujyapravar's vigorous speech will be seen in the whole world and he wishes for the same.
Saadhvi Charitrayasha ji sang beautiful psalm. TYP Balotara youths also dedicated their regards by way of a song. The whole village was overwhelmed by the arrival of His Holiness and his preaching.

Date: 08/03/2015
Place : Prem ka pura, Bhadev, Gajipur.

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