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Efficiency with wisdom leads success : Acharya Mahashraman

Today Poojya pravar along with His White Force (monks and nuns wear white clothes and seems to be forces in white) arrived in campus of Prabhu Narayan Singh High School for one day stay. They were warmly welcomed by the staff and students of the school.
Addressing the mass In his pious sermon, Acharya Shree said - "One should analyse his own power, vitality, health and dedication and then accordingly get involved into a special task. It is also necessary to have detailed knowledge of time and place. One should stretch his legs only till the size of his Counter pan. One should keep trying to develop his power. The more keen/intense one is the more powerful he is.

H.H. Acharya Shri Mahashramanji welcomed by school children at Kasimabad, Uttar Pradesh

Internal strength makes one more powerful. The elephant is such a huge animal yet a small hook takes hold of him. A small lamp removes immense darkness. A small crack hammer helps in digging big mountains. Hence, efficiency has utmost importance.

One should plan his action wisely keeping in mind his efficiency and powers, as well as time and place. Wisdom is considered to be a man's third eye. One should use his conscience along with his two physical eyes, but also see it with sanity.

Addressing the students, Pujyapravar said that along with the formal education, character formation and moral values are also important. By swearing for Communal harmony, honesty, and addiction liberation, the students can move in the right direction and have a bright future. The students accepted the three vows of Ahimsa Yatra.
The Principal was overwhelmed and said - "Today is our golden day as it has graced us with the pious presence of such a great saint in our premises."
Sadhvi Charitrayasha sang melodiously "Samta sarita main snaan kare, jeewan upwan ban jaayega". Vice President of Mahasabha, Mr. Anup Bothra, beautifully sang the song which was composed by Sadhvi Pramilayasha "Bhikshu ko naman humara......."

Place: Kasimabad

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