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Hardwork is the Key to Success : HH. Acharya Mahashraman

Date :10/03/15
Place : Kope village, Balia, Uttar Pradesh.
H.H. Acharya Shree Mahashraman along with his team of monks & nuns arrived at R.S. Krishna Public School in Kope village of Ballia district for a day. In his sermon he said that one should exploit himself. He should not be sloth. lethargy/ laziness should not be there. He should move with courage and hardwork in the direction where he finds elevation. True Hard work is the key to success. Goddess Laksmi is with the diligent. One who works hard becomes wealthy
Those, who leave things on fate and so not make any efforts, become disrespectful. Despite hardwork if one doesnot succeed, he should not lose hopes. He should attempt afresh and be more strong. If a hard worker doesnot succeed then its not his fault. Hardwork should be combined with wisdom because efforts in wrong direction may even have wrong outputs.
Hence, to succeed and reach the goal, one should leave laziness, make strong efforts in the right direction.
Laziness is the enemy which resides in human body. Diligence is doable matter. Whereas the assiduousness combined with fate is known. Today's diligence becomes tomorrow's destiny. By ahinsa yatra we are making positive efforts and trying to spread the message of harmony, coexistence, honesty and addiction liberation. People may live friendly and amity. We are making efforts with this aim that each and every individual should strive to be honest and our nation gets free from addiction.
Today, with the guidance of Pujyapravar, eleven people had willingly accepted the three resolutions of Ahimsa Yatra for lifetime. Mr. Suresh Yadav who is the manager at R. S. Krishna Public School was obliged to have Gurudev in his village. He requested him to bless his home by paying a short visit. Mr. Krishna Bothra from Bikaner expressed himself with a few words. Mrs. Lata Gadia along with Mrs. Sasikala Nahar sang melodiously. Samani Vikas Pragya mesmerized everyone by her melodious song whose lyrics were "Tirthankar sum Guruvar ko naman......."

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