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Religion is stagnant in a person's life who has pure heart : Aacharya Shri

H.H. Acharya Shri Mahashraman ji addressing the students and masses present at S.G.M. Snatakottar Ayurvedic College, said- "One who is religious in Life, attains Salvation (Nirvana)". Religion is stagnant in a person's life who has pure heart. One who is simple reserves the rights of spirituality. We attain simplicity by overcoming allure. Simplicity is very important in the field of spiritualism. Allure is antonym of simplicity. By the Practice of simplicity lust and allurement are reduced. Illusory is always afraid. Where there is simplicity, allurement cannot stand.

Illusory people don't have friends. Greed and allurement destroys Friendship. Jesus was asked who can enter the kingdom of God ? Jesus indicated towards a child and replied, "one whose heart is pure and simple like him".

While asking to adopt the principle of simplicity, Acharya Shri said that we should try to avoid allure. One who is innocent and honest opens the doors to God. Thus, the practice of simplicity is important for the elevation of the soul. He said that we should keep away from lust and greed because allure is like the sterile lady who cannot give birth to a child like benevolence. It's like the evening which covers the sun of truth. It's place is similar to that of keeping an elephant of endearment(moh). It's like the glacier which destroy the lotus of smoulder (upsham). Entice is the capital of all the problems and misshappenings. Lure and lies are companions. They always stay together Hence we should give up Enticement.

The director of the institute Mr. A. S. Naiyar gave speech in the welcome of Acharya shri and requested him to visit again in order to sanctify the campus. Mr. Naiyar was honoured with literature.

Kusmikalan (dist: Gajipur), 5th March 2015.(JTN), 

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