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Seven Types of Addiction : H.H Acharya Mahashraman

Date: 25 march 2015
Place: Sangrampur , Bihar (JTN). Great Ascetic H.H Acharya Mahashraman addressing the present mass stated that there are 7 types of addictions or inclinations:
First type of addiction is- Gambling. Seccond one is consumption of Nonveg. Third one is habit of drinking Alcohol. Fourth sin is prostitution. Fifth addiction is hunting. Sixth one is habit of stealing/ burgling. Seventh sin is cheating the spouse. He further clarified why hunting, has been stated as an addiction. Living beings fear from being hunted. One should neither get scared nor threaten others. Fear is a weakness and threatening is a sin. So, one should not frighten any living being in this world.

On being asked by saints - "whom does organisms fear from?", Lord Mahavira gave the solution, "Living creatures are afraid of grievances. I don't get hurt, i shouldn't die or get sick. They are afraid of this." The question is - From where is sadness born? The answer is - the organism himself creates sorrow from its own negligence . The world's felicitous man is he who is not afraid. Friendship is nourished by a sense of fearlessness. H.H explaining the importance of amity proclaimed that one who has amity in his life, is free from fear. He neither has fear of perishing of body nor any other type of fear. Worldly lamps may cheat/mislead us but the lamp of courage if keeps glowing, we can reach the top.

One of the reason for fear is violence. If we have to practice non-violance in life, being fearless is must. We must try to develope fearless environment all around. Let us not unnecessarily waste the opportunity we got as a human life. So we must try to make optimum use of human life.
Sadhvi Charitrayasha beautifully expressed her views by a song. Chairman of Terapanth sabha, Bangalore, Mr. Gautam Kothari exprssed his feeings . Teachers of Gyanshala and T.M.M. Bangalore, sung a plasm. The program was anchored by Muni Dinesh kumar ji.

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