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Is blood donation an emotion of fear or a sense of pride and joy?

New Delhi [India], December 4 (ANI/SRV Media): Mega Blood Donation Drive is an embolden initiative launched by Akhil Bhartiya Terapanth Yuvak Parishad (ABTYP) in the year 2012. With the massive response that this initiative received, the organisation has been continuing this project ever since then.
ABTYP runs multiple other programs under spirituality, social work, skill enhancement for its members and currently has more than 340 branches across India.
The Akhil Bhartiya Terapanth Yuvak Parishad is a youth forum that unites the Terapanthi youth from the age of 21 to 45 across the globe. The formation of this organisation was due to the vision and able efforts of the divine, 9th Acharya Shri Tulsi, and was later under the divine 10th Acharya of Jain Terapanth, Dharamsangh Acharya Shri Mahapragya.
ABTYP now executes the vision of the present 11th Acharya of Terapanth, His Holiness Acharya Shri Mahashramanji. The organization currently has more than 45,000 members associated with them and is headed by the inspiring President, ABTYP, Sandeep Motilal Kothari.

The first MEGA BLOOD DONATION DRIVE (MBDD) was held on 17th Sept 2012 with the sole intent to serve the community, and with the passion of the members of ABTYP they were able to collect 96,600 units of blood in a single day. Another major drive took place in 2014 where the organization was able to collect 1,00,212 units of blood in a single day which got recorded in the Prestigious Guinness Book of World Record.
"We are immensely grateful and overwhelmed with the response that we have received so far for all our blood donation drives. Our aim is to make India a blood sufficient country and not let it remain a blood deficient country. The current year and the outbreak of COVID-19 has reminded us the importance of giving and receiving. Our organization has donated more than 30,000 units of blood with more than 700 plasma donations in this pandemic," said Hitesh Bhandia, National Convenor, ABTYP (MBDD).

Hitesh Bhandia is also known for his active role with the expert working group Volunteer Blood Donation (VBD) which is registered under NBTC (National Blood Transfusion Council).
Yashwant Rampuria, National Co Convenor, ABTYP (MBDD), said, "We've had the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful sides of humanity during these covid times. There's nothing else more selfless than giving something of yourself to help someone. Plasma, which is the yellow, liquid part of blood, contains antibodies. Antibodies are proteins made by the body in response to infections. People who have fully recovered from COVID-19 for at least two weeks are encouraged to consider donating plasma, which may help save the lives of other covid positive patients.
We all are in a race of life,
But this is running another race,
The race to be more kind,
The race to be more generous,
The race to be more guiding,
The race to a be giver,
The race to serve selflessly,
The race in which we are happy being last and see you win,
Be the first in race to donate blood, be a
Winner of hearts, love and affection"
The purpose of Mega Blood Donation Drive has been to spread the joy of donating blood and spreading love and harmony in the society. Donating blood is an idea that needs to be celebrated as it leads to saving a life and there is no better happiness in the world than the gift of life.
The current crisis has got humanity to its knees and we need to rise above, by being courteous, empathetic, helpful. Therefore, ABTYP is calling out more and more people to join their blood donation campaigns and create a strong and a powerful nation.

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