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Dr. Manmohan Singh honored with Anuvrat Award

Humanitarian Movement like Anuvrat is the Need of the Hour - Dr. Manmohan Singh

26 May 2022 New Delhi. Dr. Manmohan Singh, former Prime Minister of India, was presented the Anuvrat Award by Anuvrat Vishwa Bharati today. 90 years old Dr. Singh while accepting the award said that the purpose with which Acharya Tulsi started the Anuvrat movement in the year 1949 has become even more relevant today. With these values only the overall development of the country is possible. Dr. Singh said that I have always been influenced by the Anuvrat philosophy and have been interested in joining it. Today, in the form of this award, I have got an opportunity to join the Anuvrat movement. I consider it my privilege. Appreciating the efforts being made by Acharya Mahashraman for the upliftment of human values in the world, Dr. Singh called him a great saint and expressed his gratitude. He further said that I have received many awards, but this honor given by a humanitarian movement like Anuvrat holds special significance for me.

Dr. Manmohan Singh's wife Mrs. Gursharan Kaur was also present on the occasion. Expressing her views, she said that among many evils, there is goodness prevailing in the world even today, the credit of which goes to saints, Mahatmas and humanitarian efforts, in which the Anuvrat Movement has a special place. She said that today is a day of special importance for us that we have got the blessings of Acharya  Mahashraman ji. This has been possible by the grace of God.

Anuvibha President Shri Sanchay Jain, Trustee Shri Tejkaran Surana and General Secretary Shri Bhikham Surana were present in the informal program organized at Dr. Singh's residence. On this occasion, Shri Sanchay Jain said that the Anuvrat Movement promoted by Acharya Tulsi is a movement to establish restraint, simplicity and authenticity and the life of Dr. Manmohan Singh is a classic example of these values. He read out the auspicious message of Anuvrat Anushasta Acharya Shri Mahashraman received on this occasion. Expressing good wishes to Dr. Manmohan Singh, Acharyashree said that he should continue to employ his power in spreading moral values while living in enlightened life.

Describing the background of Anuvrat and Anuvrat Award, Trustee Shri T.K. Surana said that Dr. Manmohan Singh has set an example of personal purity and simplicity even while being in public life. General Secretary Shri Bhikham Surana read out the citation and gave information about the programs of Anuvibha. As Anuvrat Award, Dr. Manmohan Singh was presented with a memento, citation, shawl, Anuvrat angavastra and a cheque of one lac fifty one thousand rupees.

The Anuvibha Office Bearers  informed Dr. Manmohan Singh about the various projects, activities and publications of Anuvibha and presented related literature. Dr. Manmohan Singh and Mrs. Gursharan Kaur discussed various topics with the Anuvibha Office Bearers with a very soulful spirit and said that you should make constant efforts to spread the best ideas like Anuvrat to as many people as possible. He has joined this program because of his commitment to the Anuvrat philosophy. It is to be known that Dr. Singh has been staying away from public programs for a long time.

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